In partnership with Ecologi, we will be offsetting all carbon from the SILC event. Gold Standard are a governing body of NGO’s who ensure projects that reduce carbon emissions feature the highest levels of environmental integrity

Sustainability In Licensing Conference 2020

Sustainability in Licensing 2020

Breaking new ground in the licensing industry, the Sustainability in Licensing Conference 2020, to be staged digitally over a two day period on 24 – 25 November 2020, is aimed at everyone in the licensing arena, from retailers to licensors, licensees to trade suppliers. 

To future proof your business and the industry we have to develop sustainable strategies that foster company longevity. This requires a business approach that creates long-term value, taking into consideration how a given organisation operates in the ecological, social and economic environment.

Being launched by Max Publishing (owners of Licensing Source Book,, The Licensing Awards and the B&LLAs) and Helena Mansell-Stopher, experienced licensing executive and founder of the Products of Change group, the Sustainability in Licensing Conference (SILC 2020) will inspire and inform as to how our dynamic sector can continue to innovate and grow commercially while not costing the planet.

“Sustainability is so much more than a buzzword, it is and will continue to be, a vital driver of business decisions,” states Helena, conference director and curator. “To drive sustainable growth within the licensing industry over the next few decades will require a radical approach to business practices be it through embracing new materials and production techniques, re-engineering packaging or adopting new marketing methods, all without sacrificing financial growth. Our aim with SILC 2020 is to help both future-proof our industry and our world.”

The jam-packed agenda will see leading lights and visionaries from outside and within the industry as well as retail experts, all sharing their inspiring achievements and demonstrating the gains, both environmentally and financially, that can be made.

“The licensing industry is huge and multi-farious – generating US$272 billion at retail at the last count. The brands and properties that feature on all manner of consumer goods across the whole retail spectrum bring so much pleasure to millions of people,” says Helena. “I have every confidence that the learnings shared at the Sustainability in Licensing Conference will see some significant gains being made on the environmental front too. We’re all on this journey together, but ensuring we establish a more sustainable footing is no distant wish, it’s very much a necessity.”

The digital conference (split over two sessions, over two days – see agenda) will provide a framework and understanding to start your sustainable journey.  Sustainability is not only about the materials the we use but the waste from the manufacturing process, the transportation of goods, the wellbeing of staff and the coming together of an industry to drive systemic change.


The agenda of the Sustainability in Licensing Conference (SiLC) has been curated to both inform and inspire those from the licensing community,
whether from a retailing, licensee, licensor or trade supplier perspective.

The keynote speeches, insightful talks and panel discussions will cover what we in the industry can do to further improve our activities with our plan for a more sustainable future.  Leading names across the fashion, toy, publishing and other sectors, from both within and outside the industry are scheduled to share their insights. New innovative technologies will be explained that go to prove that change is possible (and profitable), financial institutions will present how sustainable finance is available to you to implement sustainable change while pointers on how to ‘design out waste’ on the product development front as well as how to market brands to future generations who are ever-more environmentally-conscious, will also be covered.

The conference – with registration from 8:45am and ending after 5pm – will deliver a packed agenda that will serve to provide a clear pathway on the industry’s sustainable journey, which in turn will drive systemic change in our sector.


TUESDAY 24 November 2020


Opening statement

Outlining the need for change and showcasing solutions, such as the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and just what they mean for the licensing industry.

Presenter: Helena Mansell-Stopher - SILC Conference Director and Founder of Products of Change


Sustainable Insights

Unveiling fresh new consumer research insights on sustainability and future forecasting trends which are highly relevant to the licensing industry. 

Presenter: Jonathan Watson – Chief Product Officer – Kids Insights


The Circular Economy

Why the circular economy is integral to sustainable growth within the licensing sector as well as the need to move to a business model aimed at eliminating waste through a continual use of resources. 

Presenter: James George – Network Development Lead at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation


Innovation Within Fashion Manufacturing And Retail

How a British upstart forged a sustainable fashion revolution integrating a ‘give back’ scheme into its online sustainable fashion business. Utilising new technology to build efficiencies into the company’s framework enabling a drive towards a sustainable business model. 

Presenter: Martin Drake-Knight – Co-founder of Rapanui Clothing and Teemil Tech 


How Can Business Contribute Towards A Sustainable Future?

Reviewing key learnings from business and understanding further how to implement sustainability into your organisation. 

Presenters: Phil Russell – R&A (The Open) Sustainable sporting events - The Governing Body’s Assistant Director of Sustainability and David Noble, PR & Communications Director at the Bluewater Group


Sustainable Design And The Supply Chain

Deepen your knowledge of effective supply chain management as well as integral design metrics for a better sustainable output.

Presenter: Jason Beckley – Chief Brand Officer


The Importance Of Change Within The Toy Sector

How a global toy manufacturer is leading change within its core toy business and implementing this through to its licensed business including a significant reduction in packaging. 


Plastic Innovation - Change Plastic for Good – The Future is Biodegradable!

Insight into new innovations within plastic technology and how this can be one of a number of solutions for the future. 

Presenter: Peter Rooke, Breakdown Plastic


Panel Discussion – How To Make Change Happen

James George – Network Lead for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Martin Drake-Knight – Co-Founder at Rapanui Clothing and Teemil

Philip Russell – Assistant Director of Sustainability at the R&A

David Noble – PR & Communications Director, Bluewater Group

Jason Beckley – Chief Brand Officer and Sustainable Business Investor



Designing Out Waste

Designing Out Waste

Design plays an integral role in the sustainability journey and as such must be part of the process from the very beginning to reach your preferred goals. Producing products through this lens can benefit the environment and save money.  

Presenter: Paul De’Ath – Course Leader of Product Design at Central Saint Martins, University of The Arts London


The Evolving Journey of Plan A at Marks and Spencer

Reviewing the last decade of evolution for Plan A and what is still required to continuously transform retail to a more sustainable future. 

Presenter: Jessica Palalagi, Head of Resource Management at Marks and Spencer



Why sustainable collaborations are key to driving change across the licensing arena, NGOs and retail.  The Extended Plastic Partnership for Innovation in Circularity, working closely with UK-based global educator Wastebusters, are bringing the first licensed, educational, plastic recycling solution to the UK. 

Presenter: Katy Newnham, Founder of Wastebusters


Making It Pay

Focusing on the importance of sustainable insights in the retail sector, trends and unlocking sustainable finance   

Presenter: Richard Lim – Chief Executive Officer of Retail Economics


Tesco Present Sustainable Materials and the Supply Chain

Tesco present their F&F journey so far with sustainable materials, reduction of packaging and outline their future ambitions.  

Presenter: Joe Little, Head of Technical, Fabric, Colour, Sustainability and Technology at F&F, Tesco


Marketing and Communications

How to communicate effectively through a sustainable lens and the most effective ways of communicating with the next generation of consumers. 

Presenter: Ben Poate, VP Sustainability and Innovation, The Marketing Store


ASDA/Walmart – George for Good

How major grocer, Asda is driving sustainable change across its business.

Presenter: Jade Snart – Senior Sustainability Manager, George at Asda


Retailer Panel With Q&A

Richard Lim, Chief Executive Officer at Retail Economics

Jessica Palagi, Head of Resource Management at Marks and Spencer

Joe Little, Head of Technical Technology F&F at Tesco

Jade Snart, Senior Sustainability Manager at George at Asda


Conference Closing Statement

Helena Mansell-Stopher, SILC Conference Director and Founder of Products of Change brings the digital conference to a close.


The speaker line-up for the Sustainability in Licensing Conference 2020 includes true leaders from the retail world, pioneering licensees, trailblazing manufacturers and inspiring opinion formers from both within and outside the industry, each playing a part in the  journey to become more sustainable.

The speakers will each share experiences, facts and ideas which will collectively serve to future proof your business and the industry of which we are all a part, enabling sustainable strategies to be developed that take into consideration how a given organisation can operate commercially as well as ecologically.

David Noble
David Noble

PR and Communications Director, Bluewater.

David Noble has worked as PR and Communications Director at Bluewater since the company was founded in 2013. Previously he worked for eight years as head ion communications for Blueair, a sister organisation to Bluewater that was sold to Unilever in 2016. A committed environmentalist after reading Rachel Carson’s ‘Silent Spring’ in the mid 1960s, Dave (as he prefers to be called), has spent five decades in the media sector, as a journalist, broadcaster, author, and international public relations consultant and business communications strategist. After working as a journalist with organisations such as the BBC, Sveriges Radio, ABC (USA), ABC (Australia), The Guardian, International Herald Tribune, Chicago Daily News, Toronto Globe and Mail, and others, authored a book on disarmament at The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute and then from 1982 Dave ran his own PR company in London for some 20 years, partnering clients such as Volvo, Electrolux, Scandinavian Airlines System, Renault, ABB, and SKF. Dave’s favourite quote is ‘Earth is my country and humanity my family’ by Khalil Gibran.

Jonathan Watson
Jonathan Watson

Chief Product Officer, The Insights People.

Jonathan was part of the founding team at innovative market intelligence company, Kids Insights. Since launch, Kids Insights expanded their reach across 11 countries on 5 continents and have worked with brands including the Amazon, Crayola, F1, LEGO, Ofcom, Pokémon, SEGA, Turner and Warner Bros. Now working as Chief Product Officer, Jonathan leads the global product team who provide some of the biggest brands in the kids industry with data & insights to help them with their strategies.

Sine Klitgaard Møller
Sine Klitgaard Møller

Licensing Sustainability transformation lead, LEGO®.

Sine started her Lego career as Global Licensing Creative Director over 15 years ago, and is now leading the change towards their strategic ambition to have a fully sustainable portfolio for the LEGO Licensing portfolio by 2030, starting with packaging transformation by 2025. So basically fixing the problem she helped create for the planet over the past many years. Attacking the problems in a playful way with her deep knowledge in many industry categories and new sustainability experts friends. "Children are our role models in the LEGO Group and it is their planet we are using, we must protect their future."


A global brand executive who brings over 20 years experience working in leadership positions for some of the worlds most famous and powerful brands across the sport, fashion and luxury industries, including YSL, Nike, Ralph Lauren, dunhill, Puma, Clarks and Alexander McQueen. A proven merchant and marketer who combines innovation, creativity and vision with data and insight to deliver powerful development and growth strategies. Jason has held senior positions in the USA, Asia Pacific as well as Europe bringing a unique and obsessive consumer perspective and global market knowledge which in turn ensures relevance, relatability and long term sustainability for the brands he manages. An early pioneer of digital, content and social marketing as well as leading many innovative brand collaborations, has given Jason a global voice as a consumer thought leader which resulted in him being chosen as a Forbes world CMO summit speaker on content marketing. Twice speaking at the Diageo world brand conference, delivering the keynote at China world luxury as well as being a Drum grand-prix award winner and independently voted as one of Europe’s top creative leaders in 2019 by the Creative Review.


VP Sustainability and Innovation, The Marketing Store.

Ben is responsible for leading Sustainability and Innovation at The Marketing Store (TMS), with a current priority focus on their work with McDonald’s. Ben’s background is in Design Engineering, and his career has covered almost all aspects of toy design, development and production. He has also led a global network of client-facing Account teams, Licensing/Brand partnerships and the Product Creative and Innovation teams that design and develop Happy Meal programs and toys. Understanding consumer insights and expectations around play values drives innovation and sustainability considerations in our effort to maintain excitement and loyalty from the core consumers, kids and families.


Senior Sustainability Manager, George at Asda.

Jade Snart, Senior Sustainability Manager at George at Asda has a Bachelor of Arts in Contour Fashion and over 15 years of experience in technical design across retail. Jade has been leading the ‘George for Good’ sustainability pillar and has successfully achieved 100% sustainably sourced school wear for BTS20, with 55% of the George clothing line sustainably sourced for AW20 and more sustainable concepts launching over the coming months. George at Asda is a leading retailer in the field of sustainable production.


Co-founder, Ecologi.

Elliot Coad is the co-founder of Ecologi. Ecologi was set up last year to improve access for individuals and businesses to access tools that will supercharge their ability to contribute to the climate emergency. Prior to this Elliot spent over 10 years leading engineering and product teams, while worrying about the planet.


BA product design and course leader, Central Saint Martins.

Paul De-Ath has been proactive in evolving the role of design in business, with a career that has been equally split between global design consultancies and corporate in-house cross disciplinary teams. With 12 years consulting and 11 years leading design teams for Samsung and Telefonica, he now has the responsibility as a design educator at Central Saint Martins, guiding the next generation of creative minds to address the United Nations’ sustainable development goals.


Co-Founder, Teemil / Rapanui.

Mart Drake-Knight has built and is scaling a circular economy for fashion. An engineer with a passion for renewable energy, Mart decided to build a business solving the issues in fashion supply chains. Mart works from the Teemill campus on West coast of the Isle of Wight with some one hundred employees using organic materials and modern technology.


Network Development Lead, Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

As part of the business team at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, James George's role is to engage with the broad business community for the foundation and stimulate holistic network development across all levels and programmes. Working with team leads and executive leads, James is lucky enough to influence the foundation’s network strategy, develop pursuit strategies and look for opportunities for collaboration with the foundation – with an expert eye for spotting opportunities for organisations to advance the transition to a circular economy.


Chief Executive Officer, Retail Economics.

A city of London resident with a keen interest in behavioural game theory and its application on consumers, Richard Lim is chief executive officer of Retail Economics, an independent economics research consultancy focused on the consumer and retail industry. He also sits on the Strategic Advisory Board at the University of East Anglia’s School of Economics, ranked in the top ten departments in economics in the UK. Previously, Richard held the position of chief economist at the British Retail Consortium before heading up the Retail Insight and Analytics team - having previously worked in mergers and acquisitions for Citi. Richard has a wealth of experience in data analytics, retail insight, economics and consumer research.


Founder and CEO, Wastebuster CIC.

Following an early career as a commercial underwater photographer, and having documented the impact of El Niño, climate change and pollution in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, Katy Newnham, founder and ceo of Wastebuster moved into conservation and education. Working with partners ranging from international corporates, NGO’s, Governments and the UN to deliver education and awareness programmes that support development of the circular economy, in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Head of Resource Management, Marks and Spencer.

Jessica Palalagi boasts an MA in Art History from Auckland University and balances out her career in sustainability within the business sector with her creative practice of facilitating an art space in London.  This intersection of sustainability and identity is now made more tangible with the real impacts on landscapes forced by climate change - especially in the Pacific. However, Jessica’s work within M&S is more focused on material journeys, their impact along the value chain, the desire to design-out surplus and ensure sustainable methodologies are constantly employed.  


Chief Marketing Officer, Breakdown Plastic.

As a client at BAT and Gillette, a consultant at Clarke Hooper, owner at The Pea Green Boat and The Yellow Submarine, Peter Rooke has led the growth of hundreds of brands. Guinness, Mattel, Hasbro, Kraft, Sony, Heinz and a number of government departments are just a few who have valued Peter’s creativity. Art + Science International was founded in 2004 to help share Peter’s experience with other like-minded entrepreneurs. As part of his role at Art + Science he is now the Chief Marketing Officer for the pioneering technology group Breakdown Plastic and wants to change the world’s perception and use of plastic products.


Assistant Director – Sustainability, The R&A.

A graduate of the University of St. Andrews with a BSc (Hons) in Sustainable Development, Philip Russell has studied topics including climate change, renewable energy, biodiversity loss and natural resource management.  Philip’s principal focus is currently GreenLinks, the strategy for enhancing the environmental and social benefits of staging The Open.


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The Sustainability in Licensing Conference 2020 has been received widespread support from the industry with leading businesses and brands keen to pledge their commitment, sharing in the belief that together real progress can be made in the sector on this vital issue.




As is often said, there is no ‘I’ in team.  Behind the scenes of The Sustainability in Licensing Conference is a close-knit team of people with complimentary skills and personalities, but who all share in the vision of ensuring this significant conference really hits the mark.

Owned by Max Publishing (the independently-owned media business that includes the Licensing Awards, Licensing Source Book, the B&LLAs among its crown jewels), the Sustainability in Licensing Conference benefits hugely from the partnership formed with Helena Mansell-Stopher.

Meet the team…



Curator and Director of SILC 2000
Founder of Products of Change (The Products of Change Group)

With a 20 year career in the licensing industry across media and lifestyle brands and a wealth of knowledge across all categories and retail.   Helena, who was recently Director of Licensing at National Geographic UK has been driving sustainable change for the last two years.  With a course in Business Sustainability Management under her belt, from the University of Cambridge Helena will continue to work with brand owners, retailers and category experts to drive change within the licensing arena.

+44 (0)7973 849389

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Jakki Brown


Director of SILC 2020

As a co-founder of Max Publishing (which this year celebrates its 30th anniversary), Jakki has been at the forefront of driving the editorial side of the business as well as being heavily involved in the creation and evolution of the company’s well established and respected B2B awards programmes across both licensing and consumer products sectors.

+44 (0)207 700 6740

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Ian Hyder


Director of SILC 2020

Having made licensing the focus of his attention for the last 15 years at Max Publishing, of which he is Joint MD, Ian has very much been part of the industry’s evolution. Leading on the commercial front he has brought to life the Licensing Source Book, the Licensing Awards, the Brand & Lifestyle Licensing Awards (B&LLAs) and digitally

+44 (0)7525 634306

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Rob Willis


Director of SILC 2020

As a director and co-owner of Max Publishing, which includes The Licensing Source Book,, The Licensing Awards and the B&LLAs, Rob’s network spans widely across licensing and consumer products. This 20-year address book will be extensively utilised to ensure that SILC 2020 is a key discussion point not just for those in attendance, but the entire industry. 

+44 (0)207 7006740

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Clare Hollick


Bookings and Event Organiser of SILC 2000
Director of Keystone Communications

Createvents is an established event management company, specialising in the organisation and delivery of corporate events, conferences and award ceremonies.

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