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In partnership with Ecologi, we will be offsetting all carbon from the SILC event. Gold Standard are a governing body of NGO’s who ensure projects that reduce carbon emissions feature the highest levels of environmental integrity

Sustainability In Licensing Conference 2021


Continuing to break new ground in the licensing industry, the Sustainability in Licensing Conference 2021 (SILC21), is to be staged as a dual-cast physical and digital event on 24 June 2021. The full day conference will be staged at The British Library in London as well as being digitally streamlined in real time, with all ticket holders able to access the content afterwards.

The inaugural SILC reached a global audience, with over 500 attending the event – 38% from the UK & Ireland, 26% Europe, 25% USA and 11% ROW.  We are all set to further grow our global reach with the 2021 event.

Set to build on the success of last year’s SILC event, the agenda for the upcoming June conference will include all new content, aimed at everyone in the licensing arena who is looking to progress their respective sustainable journeys – from retailers to licensors, licensees to trade suppliers, content makers to contract writers – right across an industry worth $275 billion.

SILC’s aims are to inspire and inform how the dynamic licensing sector can continue to innovate and grow commercially, while not costing the planet.

SILC 21 will focus on

  • What businesses are doing to drive sustainable practices
  • How the industry can use entertainment/content to drive social change
  • The changing landscape of legislation and global policy
  • Cross section working to catalyse sustainable development
  • The future retail and sustainable supply chain transformation

Organised by Products of Change (the online membership platform for sustainable advancement within the industry) and Max Publishing (publishers of Licensing Source Book, and organisers of The Licensing Awards and the B&LLAs), SILC 21 will be curated by Helena Mansell-Stopher, founder of Products of Change.

The jam-packed agenda will see leading lights and visionaries from outside and within the industry as well as retail experts, all sharing their inspiring achievements and demonstrating the gains, both environmentally and financially, that can be made.

Helena Mansell-Stopher, ceo of Products of Change and conference director for SILC said “I have every confidence that the learnings shared at the Sustainability in Licensing Conference will see some significant gains being made on the environmental front too. We’re all on this journey together, but ensuring we establish a more sustainable footing is no distant wish, it’s very much a necessity.”

The physical and digital conference will provide a framework and understanding to start your sustainable journey.  Sustainability is not only about the materials the we use but the waste from the manufacturing process, the transportation of goods, the wellbeing of staff and the coming together of an industry to drive systemic change.

To future proof your business and the industry we have to develop sustainable strategies that foster company longevity. This requires a business approach that creates long-term value, taking into consideration how a given organisation operates in the ecological, social and economic environment.

A flavour of SILC's content and community...


The agenda of the Sustainability in Licensing Conference (SiLC) has been curated to both inform and inspire those from the licensing community, whether from a retailing, licensee, licensor or trade supplier perspective.

The keynote speeches, insightful talks and panel discussions will cover what we in the industry can do to further improve our activities with our plan for a more sustainable future.

Leading names across the fashion, toy, publishing and other sectors, from both within and outside the industry are scheduled to share their insights. New innovative technologies will be explained that go to prove that change is possible (and profitable), financial institutions will present how sustainable finance is available to you to implement sustainable change while pointers on how to ‘design out waste’ on the product development front as well as how to market brands to future generations who are ever-more environmentally-conscious, will also be covered.

The 2021 conference – with registration from 8:45am and ending after 5pm – will deliver a packed agenda that will serve to provide a clear pathway on the industry’s sustainable journey, which in turn will drive systemic change in our sector.


Opening statement

Outlining how the industry has moved forward since SILC 2021 and the continued  need for change, whilst showcasing solutions and business models that can enhance and better the licensing industry.

Presenter: Helena Mansell-Stopher - SILC Conference Director and Founder of Products of Change

Sustainable Insights

Unveiling the latest global data including consumer insights with comparisons to SILC 2021 and the adaptations and advancements that have taken place in the last year.

Presenter: Jonathan Watson – Chief Product Officer – The Insights Family

Sport For Social Change

Olympic Champion Hannah Mills presents how sport can act as a catalyst to drive sustainable and social change, highlighting her work for the Big Plastic Pledge.

Presenter: Hannah Mills, Olympic Champion, founder, Big Plastic Pledge

Panel Discussion: Legislation And Policy Changes

Join our expert panel to understand the evolving changing landscape throughout Europe, China and the USA within legislation changes.

The Importance Of Change Within The Toy Sector

A major global toy company will present and offer insights into the importance of change within the toy sector.

Panel Discussion: Talking Toys

Major toy companies discuss parallels and how they can work together to drive sustainable change across the sector.

The Consumer Choice

Dayrize, aiming to become the biggest e-commerce market place for sustainable products, will present for the  first time its scoring system for consumers to make informed decisions and understand the environmental impacts of product purchases.

Presenter: Bart Nollen, co-founder, Dayrize

Sustainability In Bricks and Mortar Retail

Major pan-European grocer presents its requirements for the industry in order for  its goals to be met across a large-scale retail territory.

Panel Discussion: Retail's Common Goals

Major retailers discussing how as a united approach sustainable change can be made across the industry at large.


Focusing on the importance of economic analysis among retail insights as well as trends and changes in a post-Brexit, post-COVID world.

Presenter: Richard Lim – Chief Executive Officer of Retail Economics

The Future Of A Sustainable Supply Chain

Your Scope Three emissions can be up to 70% of your carbon output. In this presentation we will look at ways to build a more sustainable supply chain.

Presenter: Julia Redman, founder, Buyers Eye.

Gaming For Social Change

Join UKie and a European panel of gaming experts to discuss how the industry can drive sustainable transformation through its content.


The speaker line-up for the Sustainability in Licensing Conference 2021 includeS true leaders from the retail world, pioneering licensees, trailblazing manufacturers and inspiring opinion formers from both within and outside the industry, each playing a part in the  journey to become more sustainable.

The speakers will each share experiences, facts and ideas which will collectively serve to future proof your business and the industry of which we are all a part, enabling sustainable strategies to be developed that take into consideration how a given organisation can operate commercially as well as ecologically.

Jonathan Watson
Jonathan Watson

Chief Product Officer, The Insights People.

Sine Klitgaard Møller
Sine Klitgaard Møller

Licensing Sustainability transformation lead, LEGO®.


Network Development Lead, Ellen MacArthur Foundation.


Chief Executive Officer, Retail Economics.



SILC 2021 will be a dual-cast event. What this means, in real terms, is that you can join the physical event at the British Library in London, or you can watch from home/office as a digital attendee. Both options offer fantastic value for money, whether you join the live event and the networking that brings, or use the digital event to absorb the great content from a distance. If you have any questions about which option is right for you, get in contact with one of the team who will be happy to have a chat with you.

If you are ready to book tickets, you can do this below. Please ensure you select the right option – LIVE or DIGITAL. This is a secure payment system and you will be emailed a full receipt as soon as you book.

A 20% discount applies to members of POC – Products of Change – please select this option if you’re a paid-up member.

Tickets remain fully refundable/deferrable in the event that the live event may not proceed due to restrictions, so you may book with confidence.


The Sustainability in Licensing Conference has been received widespread support from the industry with leading businesses and brands keen to pledge their commitment, sharing in the belief that together real progress can be made in the sector on this vital issue.




Behind the scenes of The Sustainability in Licensing Conference is a close-knit team of people with complimentary skills and personalities, but who all share in the vision of ensuring this significant conference really hits the mark.

Owned by Products of Change Media LTD – which is a joint venture between Max Media Ventures and Products of Change, the Sustainability in Licensing Conference benefits hugely from the partnership formed with Helena Mansell-Stopher.

Meet the team…



Director of SILC 2021

With a 20 year career in the licensing industry across media and lifestyle brands and a wealth of knowledge across all categories and retail. With a course in Business Sustainability Management under her belt, from the University of Cambridge Helena will continue to work with brand owners, retailers and category experts to drive change within the licensing arena.

+44 (0)7973 849389

Email Helena

Jakki Brown


Director of SILC 2021

As a co-founder of Max Publishing (which this year celebrates its 30th anniversary), Jakki has been at the forefront of driving the editorial side of the business as well as being heavily involved in the creation and evolution of the company’s well established and respected B2B awards programmes across both licensing and consumer products sectors.

+44 (0)207 700 6740

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Ian Hyder


Director of SILC 2021

Having made licensing the focus of his attention for the last 15 years at Max Publishing, of which he is Joint MD, Ian has very much been part of the industry’s evolution. Leading on the commercial front he has brought to life the Licensing Source Book, the Licensing Awards, the Brand & Lifestyle Licensing Awards (B&LLAs) and digitally

+44 (0)7525 634306

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Rob Willis


Director of SILC 2021

As a director and co-owner of Max Publishing, which includes The Licensing Source Book,, The Licensing Awards and the B&LLAs, Rob’s network spans widely across licensing and consumer products. This 20-year address book will be extensively utilised to ensure that SILC 2021 is a key discussion point in the sector. 

+44 (0)207 7006740

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Clare Hollick


Bookings and Event Organiser of SILC 2021

Createvents is an established event management company, specialising in the organisation and delivery of corporate events, conferences and award ceremonies.

Contact Clare for any or all ‘on the day’ questions such as dietary, accessibility, or anything else to ensure you are perfectly taken care of – it is Clare’s speciality.

+44 (0)118 3340085

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